Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Toyota Keys Anyone

Last Sunday, upon arriving home from overnight girl bonding at Jo(Maribojoc's) place with former officemates TQ and Trina my sister found these toyota keys. Actually, I think it wasn't until Monday morning that she really noticed them. Knocking on the CR door, asking me who did it belong to.

I honestly don't know where that key came from. Jo drives a Chevrolet and Trina drives an Isuzu, TQ doesn't drive although she's an excellent navigator. The only friend who has taken me home recently and drives a toyota is Loleng and the keys are usually in the ignition.

I've been having trouble getting a cab these past few days. I pity myself when that happens, when I have trouble getting a cab. I miss driving and having a car and not walking and waiting for a cab in the rain. Could this be God's answer to my prayers for a car? Because sometimes, when I get a little selfish, I really pray for a car or for money to get a car.

But God - I'd really want the Car with the Keys, Please!?

--- P.S. - friends i've been with last week, do tell me if you are missing you're spare keys.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Atulayan,Camarines Sur

Take the position of Christ and leave everything to Faith. – Lawrence “Loleng” Tang

I think this was the best line of our very short vacation to Naga/Camarines Sur last June 2-3. But before you go thinking that we went to a retreat or recollection, this line isn’t so “religious” as it seems. I’ll explain later.

The plan was simple, to visit Kuya Gil in Naga, his regency area before Ate Maita and Ate Trina both leave for New York (that’s in August). But we weren’t supposed to just go to Naga, we were to hit Caramoan Island, and go island hopping. But because of workstuff and family matters, the pre-scheduled 3-4days vacation became a weekend. Thus we opted for the nearby beach and go wakeboarding in Pili. And the 3 girls vacation became plus 1 because Loleng has never been to Naga was intrigued by the praises the city has been getting in terms of its good governance. My JVP batchmate Ken, native of Naga, tagged along and served as our host.


My OCness required me to make an itinerary, which from day1 we never got to follow. Our bus had a flat tire so instead of arriving in Naga at around 430AM, we got there at 730ish. Good thing Fr.Joel was very nice and lent us not only the JR Van but his driver as well.

ATULAYAN ISLAND – my kind of beach! About 2 hours away from Naga City(an hour and a half on road plus 30 minute boat ride), there exists a serene, peaceful, white island. There are a few inhabitants in the island and few visitors as well. The beach is calm, water was just right and there are a few schools of fish for the delight of ones eyes. There are no restaurants there, one must bring food with them for lunch and snacks.

The weather cooperated with us that day in Atulayan. It had been raining days before we arrived, but last Saturday, the sun was up. 2hours after our estimated time of arrival in Atulayan - 11AM, we were indeed enjoying the beach! But they went and swam first. When I got in the water, it was close to noon but we didn’t mind the sun. We have been praying for a good weather, we shouldn’t complain.

We were swimming, making “kwentuhan” while Trina was relaxing floating around.

Me: “Di ako marunong niyan.”
Trina: “Ay, pareho kayo ni Gil.”
Loleng: “Huh? Ano ba ang dali-dali niyan. Relax” (I try to do it)
Me: “See I can’t.”
Loleng: “Ano ba? Ganito lang yan,(shows me how to do it), just take the position of Christ and leave everything to faith.” (And he floats)
Me and Trina: “Naka naman sa pag-explain”

I tried to do it again, still can’t float, still can’t relax. But I will never consider it as a sign that I am of little faith. I refuse to.