Thursday, August 23, 2007

772.63 pesos (lost license)

Do you see it?That's 3 Balloons! The entrance stamp at LTO Main Office in East Ave had 3 balloons. Seriously?! Seriously?! I mean, Seriously?!

How do they seriously expect me to give them a sense of respect and trust when they can't even atleast make a more formal stamp, simple letters L.T.O. would do you know?! But that's not the only reason why I'm screaming INEFFICIENT at them.

So I lost my license and was determined to finish getting a new one in an hour, an hour a half tops. Got to LTO P.Tuazon, Cubao at 820. Not much people yet, just as I expected. I pass my requirements at WIndow 2. After a few minutes, they call me and tell me there's no record of me in their system. I say - Impossibe, I've been renewing at Farmer's Cubao since my license first expired. Farmer's is not online til 10AM so that's most probably the reason why my record isn't showing. He says better to go to LTO Main at East Ave. Dang! But I go, coz it's too early to just wait for 10AM.

9ish i'm at LTO Main where I get the "balloon" stamp. I pass it at Window10 as instructed and was further asked to go inside the office and pass my forms to a certain Ms.Delay. I pass and wait..20mins, 30mins (ang tagal ha, there were only about 20people, what is taking so long), 40mins. I get called again..still No Freaking Record! Seriously?!

I go in, saying that's impossible, I've been driving for 7YEARS, Renewed my license 2x already. Ms.Delay (in a mataray way) tells me, "we don't have you on record.Two computers." "san ka ba originally nag apply?" I answer - "sa Davao po." She answers back - "Ah dun ka sa Davao humingi ng Records mo. Punta ka dun." Major Thought Balloon - ANAK KA NG TIPAKLONG! Nakapunta ka na bang Davao?! Di yun one MRT ride away gaya ng MAKATI! AT ANG TARAY MO HA, TADYAKAN KITA DYAN. But was calm, can you check with Davao, coz I'm pretty sure I have record? "Hindi, dun ka mag-apply kung gusto mo. Di ka pwedeng bigyan ng new record kasi may record ka na." I go out her office and whispered "Fuck!" I'm pretty sure she heard it, i hope she did, especially the very low "you" that followed after. I was really pissed already.

But I'm smart and promised myself last July I'll try to be positive amidst all failures. It's almost 10, i'm going to Farmer's and they better have my record! Or else! I arrive, true enough they actually have it. Diyos ko po! Let me Analyze this.. A small, mall-based LTO has my record, but the MAIN LTO doesn't have it? Can somebody Justify that to me? Seriously?!

And because LTO Farmer's didn't exactly feel I suffered enough it tells me I can't renew in the tricycle ride away LTO but back to P.Tuazon which is a cab away. Fine! Just so I finish this, fine!

I go back to P. Tuazon and I see the same guy on Window 2. I tell him - "Kuya walang record ang MAIN. sa Farmer's ko yan nakuha!" He smiles - "Ganun ba, baka nga kasi 10AM pa nago Online ang Farmer's." Putsa naman! I seriously wanted to squeeze myself inside the window to hit him. Thought Balloon - Hello?! MAIN LTO yun? Sila ang dependent sa Farmer's di ang smaller ones sa kanila? duh?!

1135 - I got my TEMP License, finally. I get the card in 90 days, I have to go back there in 90 days. Grrrr... Renewees get better service and they get their permanent license in minutes.I've never ridden so many cabs in 3 hours. And in that 3 hours I spent 772.63 pesos, 75% of which was spent on transportation alone. Damn! And balloons as entrance stamp?! Damn! No wonder my cousins and friends are migrating.


At 8:24 AM, August 26, 2007 , Blogger Olive Jopia-Abarquez said...

I sympathize. Home onlines are not working very well yet. But hold it, here, it isn't as efficient as we thought it is. Sometimes we're lucky sometimes we're not. It can get as bad as that.

Wherever we go,systems have their own loop holes.

And Krish...PAL is way lot better than the regular airlines here. Unless you wanna pay more than the regular. Me,I'd rather ride PAL again and again.

At 9:42 AM, August 29, 2007 , Blogger kangirl said...

I know we all have moments, minsan lang talaga, better to rant about it because it releases your anger and disappointment. And it's a form of vigilance also.

I have a friend who has a friend in the IT section of LTO, atleast masasabi nya sa friend niya ang naging records issue ko.


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