Thursday, August 02, 2007

I’ll Have Bad Hair Day Instead

515PM – I decide I’ll check on Margo, officemate next door, to ask her opinion if I should just go home because I feel I’m merely pretending to work. Her door’s locked, she already went home. I go to Mila, 4 doors away, she’s getting ready to go home. Everybody’s on their way home, I ought to go home myself.

530-545PM – Out in Katipunan, waiting for a cab. It’s drizzling a bit, I decide to walk from the overpass near National toward KFC looking for a cab. Luckily I get one. Wow, I’ll be home before the sun sets

555PM – I’m home! Key’s not in my pocket. I check my bag pockets, it’s not there. Shit! I’m realizing, I took it out earlier when I gave Sylvia her change for the lunch I bought for her. But no, it should be here, I think I threw it in my bag… It’s not there. Pencil case? – it’s not there; Coin purse-not there. I sit down on the doorstep, I check again. It’s still not there. Oh no! I was the last one who left the office and I don’t have office keys so that means I have to go to Margo or Sylvia.

610PM – Margo doesn’t have key to her office as well. Sylvia is at a friend’s house, must go to UP Village now. But first, my self pity gets in, I cry a few tears of sadness. I’m so tired. (If you’re a 90’s kid, think Carmina Villaroel super sad in that Jollibee ad). I was excited to get home early so I can unpack – I haven’t unpacked.

625ish – I walk slowly looking for a cab. Hard to find a cab. Found one, but refused to take me to UP Village. Found another, same thing. I continue to walk, almost 7 and I’m almost at Eastwood. I’m at eastwood. I call my sister Tetet, she’ll be on her way own shortly. I think I”ll just wait. That’ll mean waiting 1hour and a half.

710PM – I go around eastwood. Too bad “ratatouille” screening was at 6ish. Books at A Different Bookstore are too expensive. Found a gift for Loleng’s housewarming, it’ll match his kitchen. What do I do next?

740PM – I’ll just grab a bite at Pasto. I love their raspberry iced tea anyway, and it’s bottomless. Shit, their prices increased. This man in front of me looks so much like Tristan. Parallel to me is Jan Nieto of Philippine Idol – he wasn’t my bet it was Gian Magdangal.
- There’s a mirror infront of where I’m siting. Wow, PERFECT HAIR DAY! Even with all the walk and dust, my hair looks oh so perfect, straight out of a commercial ad… I’d Take Bad Hair Day any day if it’ll mean better travel day.


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