Friday, November 09, 2007

Thoughts in Lake Sebu

• I’ve heard this many times before – Is this a recording? Seem to be the same story I’ve heard from different tribes. Similar issues, parallel concerns and almost the same level of hurt, pain and anger.

• Was reminded that it’s not (just) Pity that they need, it’s recognition and to be heard that they want. Reminded that they are not as shy and non-confrontational as most think they are. But we’ve set up systems that encourage them to be meek and submissive. Sadly, I too am guilty of that sometimes.

T'Boli kid Dances for us

• Thinking if there is a national leader who genuinely has their (IPs) concerns in the top 3-5 of his priority projects. (I’ve left Lake Sebu last November 1 and I haven’t thought of anyone yet).

• Come to think of it, do I still even have enough belief that we have a National Leader who has GENUINE concerns for anyone but himself? Um, I’m very cynical these days.

• My feeling is, Avenue Q’s “everybody’s a little bit racist” is also applicable to them. There’s a part of me that feels that despite my deep passion to work for and with them – despite the many years I have worked for their cause, they still haven’t considered me (and will never consider me) family as much as I have considered them as my family – because I don’t have a tribe and my roots are not of IPs but of Tagalogs and Kapampangans. But THAT”S OK.

• Reminded how I’ve been SERIOUSLY Brainwashed by JESUITS for quite some time now as I answered a question of how long have I known the Jesuits – um since I was 10 years old. Tsktsktsktsk.

• Some JESUITS I just can’t take as “real” priests (or studying to be priests) – would never go to confession to or ask them to be my SD – because they’re way too crazy and young (feeling young) that they are more of my buddies.

Fr. Jojo Fung, SJ (Malaysia) does one of his "serious" poses

Bro. Francis Lim, SJ - in a tourist pose

• My bowel movement hasn’t changed in years; I still can’t poop on the first 2 days in a new place (new toilet). Gosh I need to poop before we travel back to Davao because I feel quite bloated already.


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