Friday, October 26, 2007

PARDON my disgust

Pardon my disgust over what just happened yesterday – the presidential pardon granted to Joseph Estrada just makes me want to puke.

I couldn’t bear watching Bunye make the official statement yesterday. And he even used the terms – “It was hard for the President, it was not an Easy Decision, She had to think of it really well.” I’m sorry but I don’t consider less than 3 days to make a decision on a presidential pardon a long period of time. It doesn’t show “thought of it well” to me.

The last few weeks/months have been terrible for my dear country. The bribery and scandal of the ZTE and CEP deals! The unexplained disbursements of the Office of the President discovered by COA! The bribery of Governors and Congress Representatives! And the recent bombing (explosion?) of Glorietta… And now this Pardon for former President Estada, 3 days after he asked for it?!! I seriously don’t know which among has been the worst for this country.

Was it all connected and part of a great conspiracy that was well planned? All the circumstances in a span of 2 months so that people will not have the ability to decide anymore which is worst; which among all of those should the people be truly be angry about and try to work on? Such a great scheme, an Evil, Evil plan.

I am so disgusted by how our supposed leaders have become such mere politicians incapable of genuine service and care for others. So that’s how evil looks like on television? That’s how “inhuman” speaks and dresses up? I wonder if I see some of them in person, anytime soon, I’ll Burn because of the heat of HELL that reeks from their pores?


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