Thursday, July 27, 2006

turbulence it is

I left Manila for Davao last Monday afternoon - the day of the SONA, the day of Miss Universe (it had slight of relevance to me because my highschool friend is the Philippine Representative), and the day when typhoon Glenda hit the Metro.

Last Monday afternoon I suddenly remembered how dangerous it is to travel. We had to wait 20 mins before we could take off because 1) A lot of other planes were landing and 2) the wind and the rain just decided to be really strong when we were already about to take off.

The plane was literally swaying, for awhile I felt dizzy. I couldn't enjoy reading Shopaholic ties the Knot while eating Holy Kettle. Darn it! I had to stop and actually found myself holding on to the arms of my seat. I was a bit afraid, I have to admit. The turbelence/s weren't really long, they lasted about a minute or 2. But they were strong,we were really shaking, and we felt numerous times. Last time I rode a plane with that much turbulence was on my way to Manila some 6-7 years ago. Incidentally it was the first Cebu Pacifif flight from Davao after the devastating plane crash in Mt.Lumot in Cagayan de Oro City. But as I began to recall that while still inside the plane,I stopped telling myself that, it was too morbid and I was scaring myself more.

About 45 mins after take off, the sky was clearer and the sun was out. I guess we were already somewhere in Visayas... And soon after, flight attendant announced our final descent to Davao. I got the best Welcome Home Banner ever! Mt.Apo was in all its glory and the sun was already beginning to set. Jerry (Jose) was right, Apo has always been very nice to me. Always gives me the best view when I'm in town.

Haliparot talaga si Apo! hehehe

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

writing again

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I opened my notebook again, and began this short story. But will I ever finish this one? I began writing so many stories, some I'd like to think are novels but I never really finished them. This one's another beginning and I must admit, very personal.hmmm

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gotta hate Dorothy!

Like a scene from a soap opera – she opened the main door of their house and only the main knob was locked. Dishes are in the sink, so she washes them first. She goes to her room and cleans up a bit, packs up a little. She looks at her notes on what else to bring to the new place they are staying at. Not all can go with her, not just yet. Just the important things they need.

Almost done, she looks around. And she knows, things are not the same, things will never be the same. Although the place hasn’t been home for a long time, it was still hers- it was theirs, it was comfortable, but not anymore. She knows that she will never go back there the way she did before - when she worked until weary hours of the morning and sleep until noon; when she still did her laundry there; when she opted to stay there and do a DVD marathon and let her work wait. She will not even spend more than half day in that house and perhaps never at night because it is too dark. It’s too dark, literally and figuratively.

Tears are in the corner of her eyes. Good thing the dogs were barking, they reminded her she must feed them. She stands up, gets on with packing, takes a deep breath. Dorothy had to be oh so right, darn it!